CEO Greeting

“Your Trust and Success, Our Tomorrow”

Our future depends on the trust and success of our clients!
Woosin Steel was founded in 1994 in Seongseo Industrial Complex, Daegu, Korea under the name of Woosin Kangup.
The Cold Heading Quality Wire produced by Woosin Steel is used as the key raw material in the Cold Forming Process of bolts, nuts, shafts, pipes, and other components, which are the most basic and necessary parts used in all industries. Keeping in mind that the high quality of basic components is the key factor for the reliability and high performance of the main parts in the automobile and other industries, Woosin Steel is committed to maintaining the best quality assurance system. The company pours its greatest effort into managing the raw materials, manufacturing processes, and final products. Woosin Steel is leading efforts to conserve the environment by acquiring high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly facilities and developing new manufacturing processes. It is also preparing for further innovations in the near future. Based on its achievements over the last 20 years, Woosin Steel is leaping toward its new future as Korea’s main manufacturer of basic components for the automobile, electricity, construction, and machinery industries for next 100 years. We never allow ourselves to forget that our future depends on the trust and success of our clients.

CEO  Doh Byung-Mu